PICHH - hand held PICtroller



The PICtroller is a model railway controller suitable for operating with any type of 12V motor, including coreless motors such as the Portescap range. The PICtroller automatically senses the motor type and adjusts the operating parameters to suit cored or coreless motors. To do this the PICtroller generates a short pulse as the locomotive starts which also serves to overcome the initial resistance to movement and start the locomotive more easily.


This is a self contained hand held unit that provides most of the functionality of the panel mounted version, including automatic detection of motor type. This unit has Direct and Inertia & Brake modes, one brake position plus emergency stop. There are no external inputs to control braking, etc. Two preset controls adjust the maximum speed and braking/acceleration rate. The unit is supplied complete with a 5 pin DIN plug and socket. The PICtroller is fitted with a 2 metre lead.


The PICtroller requires a 12-18V AC or 18-24V DC 1A power supply.


Size: 90mm L x 60mm W x 25mm H.


Click here to see the operating instructions in pdf format


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