W213 1:48 Double Victorian Sash Window

ID# W213


A 1/48th scale double Victorian sash window.  Note this is a non-working window - the sashes are fixed.


Sash windows were invented in the 1670s and are only found in England, Holland and America. By the Victorian period the windows were fitted with larger panes with thin glazing bars. The windows could be flush with the surface of the wall but are more likely to be recessed within the window aperture by 3-4" (1/16" or 1.5mm in 1/48 scale). The London Building Act of 1709 required the windows to be recessed by 4" to prevent the spread of fire and other towns and cities adopted similar rules.


The model window is supplied partly assembled to make it easier to paint. The window can be fitted flush in a 6mm thick wall or recessed in a 9mm wall.


Size: 1.2" (31mm) W x 1.35" (34mm) H


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